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Fiore Silicone Primer (322)

Fiore Silicone Primer (322)

Definition: It is a pure acrylic styrene-based, silicone layered, filled, high adhesive strength, interior and exterior wall paint primer. With its water-repellent feature, it prevents rainwater from leaking into the wall and allows the walls to breathe as it has high water vapor permeability. As it has filled property, it has an effect on covering. It reduces paint consumption by connecting the paint to the surface.

Area of Application: It is used to reinforce the ground and insulate old painted surfaces with new surfaces with concrete, gas concrete, gypsum, raw plaster.

Application Tools: Brush, Roller or Pistole

Method of Application: Dirty dusty and loose textured surfaces should be cleaned, if there is salt outlet on the new plastered surface, the problem should be solved, and the application should be performed after the surface is completely cleaned. Prior to application, raised and loose floors should be scraped. It is used by thinning with 10-20% water by volume.

Drying Time: At 20 °C: 2 hours

Area to be Primed: Depending on the surface on two coats, 8-10 m2 area can be primed with 1 L.

Storage Type and Duration: 1 year in a cool and dry environment not receiving direct sunlight, sealed packaging (+5°C to +30°C)

Safety Warnings: 

(S2) (Keep out of the reach of children.)

(S7) (Store in a closed, cool and ventilated place.)

Notes: Temperature of the application surfaces should be above +5°C.


Package Filling TL / Pieces
GLN 27.50 TL
10/1 84.00 TL
15/1 129.00 TL