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Epoxy Primer (1440)

Epoxy Primer (1440)

Definition: It is a double component, reaction dried, epoxy resin based, directly applicable even to rusty surfaces, and has high adhesive properties. It gives smoothness to the surface but is highly resistant to ionized rays and maintains its elasticity. It is used even in environments where humidity is up to 75% in various industrial plants exposed to water, sea water, acid and corrosion.

Area of Application: Epoxy Primer Paint with Gemsa Solvent is applied to all kinds of steel constructions, pipelines, thermal power plants, water treatment units, all valuable machines and tools. Epoxy and Chlorine Rubber to be applied on it shows excellent protective property for the top layers.

Application Tools: Pistole, Brush or Roller

Application Thinner: Solvents with high polar power such as Gemsa rapid thinner, toluene, xylol, etc.

Preparation of the material: Epoxy Primer Paint with Gemsa Solvent is mixed until it is homogenized in its own packaging. It is mixed for 3-4 minutes at low speed by adding 4/1 amount of hardener. After the mixture is rested for 5-10 minutes, it starts to be used. Materials should be prepared to be consumed within 1 hour and mixed from time to time during use.

Method of Application: Metal surfaces to be painted should be cleaned from all kinds of oil, rust and dirt, sandblasting should be made for metal surfaces if necessary. Painting should be started within 8 hours at the latest after cleaning, if the time is prolonged, the surface should be sandblasted again as oxidation will start on the sandblasted surface. Concrete and plaster surfaces are cleaned from dust, dirt and old paint residues, washed if necessary, completely dried.

Drying Time:

Touch drying: 1.5-2 hours     Hard drying: 48 hours.

Chemical drying: 7 days   Second coat application: Minimum 8, maximum 24 hours

The drying time may vary depending on the temperature and air circulation of the application medium and the film thickness coefficient.

Area Covered:

10-12 m2 / kg (45 –microns dry film thickness)

13-15 m2 / lt (45-micron dry film thickness)

Storage Type and Duration: 1 year in a cool and dry environment not receiving direct sunlight, sealed packaging (+5°C to +30°C)

Mixing Ratio: 4 parts 1. 1 part 2 with Component (Epoxy Primer) It is used by mixing the component (hardener).

Mixing Life: The mixture should be consumed within 8 hours at 20°C. Do not pour the paint with and without hardener into the paint without hardener.

Safety Warnings: 

(S2) (Keep out of the reach of children.)

(S7) (Store in a closed, cool and ventilated place.)

Hazard Warnings:

(R10/11) (Easily flammable)

(R20/21/22) (Harmful by inhalation in contact with skin if swallowed.)

(R36/38) (Irritant to eyes and skin)

Notes: Temperature of the application surfaces should be above +5°C.


Package Filling TL / Pieces
17/1 550.00 TL